SF Impianti Group

Who we are

Since 2006 in Europe there was a strong development of technologies related to renewable energy plant and energy savings, especially after the introduction of the Kyoto Protocol and the implementation in 2014 of the European program "Horizon 2020".

Some Italian engineers, technicians and entrepreneurs, in order to develop the experience acquired also separately in different sector: cogeneration, photovoltaic plants, energy consulting and low-consumption buildings construction, have agreed to create a common entity, able to bring together all different individual experiences and able to offer a highly professional global service, also through the direct involvement of some leaders company. These are the conditions that led to the founding of SF Impianti Group, a dynamic structure, capable of providing its customers with the best solutions integrating different technologies, thanks to the versatility of the working group.

Our work philosophy can be represented with the term "integration": to make the best use of available resources and limiting the consumption of energy, it is important appeal to different systems, which together allow to achieve excellent results in terms of efficiency, constructive and control simplicity, easy maintenance and reduction of environmental impacts on air, water and soil. The ability to integrate different technologies is typical of a multidisciplinary group like the one we created, full of complementary skills, each one can provide an important contribution to complete a fine outcome.

The other element that sets us can be summarized in the term "customization": there is not a standard system feasible in every occasion, but each specific requirements must be met in a preliminary study of available technologies, different possibilities of integration and derived benefits.

SF Impianti Group covers a large geographical area, at least at European level, through Company settled in Latvia, Poland, Italy and Bulgaria. Currently our target market includes the Baltic area, ex-Soviet Union countries and the Balkan area.

For us, these are the areas with the highest potential of growth and development, where the engineering and technical expertise "Made in Italy" can make the difference. With humility, commitment and professionality we are ready to transfer our experience to promote sustainable development, in support of institutions and individuals who believe in growth with a reduced impact on the environment, indivisible heritage of all.

What we do

The SF Impianti Group areas of interest are:

  • design and construction of renewable energy production plants
  • design and construction of energy saving buildings.

We are able to provide plants, also with the formula "turnkey", for the production of electrical energy and thermal energy from renewable sources:

  • woody biomass (wood from dedicated crops, waste wood, bark, branches or other waste products) that can be exploited energetically in specific cogeneration plants;
  • agricultural biomass (waste from livestock, agricultural crops, agri-food industry waste or other organic material) that can be exploited energetically in anaerobic digestion biogas cogeneration plant.

We can also provide solutions for waste treatment, even undifferentiated, complete with:

  • separation stage and recover of metals and glass;
  • energy recovery stage of organic component.

Our search of technologies able to produce electrical energy without causing a negative impacts on the environment led us to locate an advanced system able to exploit, in depressurization stations, the difference of pressure that exists between the natural gas transport and distribution network.

In the construction sector, we can design and build low energy consumption civil and industrial buildings, designing to take advantage of the natural resources, using high-isolation building systems, resorting to integrated plant solutions with low operational costs, using home automation to control the building and create better living conditions.