WTE System


Full WASTE to energy plants

WTE System is a structured system for the enhancement of waste, also as it is. Depending on nature of waste to be treated, may be present separation stages, to recover the materials with residual value, and cogeneration stages, for energetic exploitation of organic material and/or biomass fuels. The result is a plant capable of ensuring an effective recovery of glass and metals, as well as produce Electricity and Thermal Energy from materials otherwise destined to be accumulated in landfills causing a significant negative environmental impact.

WTE System allow to:

  • economic enhancement of glass and metals;
  • energy production from renewable sources;
  • direct production of electricity;
  • direct production of heat.

WTE System includes:

  • a separation stage, which components depends on the characteristics of the waste to be treated;
  • a cogeneration stage, which components depends on organic material and/or biomass fuels.

There is no a standard plant, but each system must be designed, dimensioned and made based on type and quantities of waste available.



Patented Technology

Treatment of all types of waste, civil and / or industrial, including special hazardous and toxic-noxious waste, whether in solid, liquid or gaseous state.
Patented “dry” fume abatement system (NZEP® Near to Zero Emission System); High temperatures in the oven such as to guarantee the complete destruction of the benzoic compounds (dioxins and furans); Solution without chimney.


WTE System is based on consolidated technological solutions, fully integrated, thanks to the close partnership established with leading companies.