SUN System


Photovoltaic Plant

SUN System is a photovoltaic system completed with high efficiency modules, anchoring and fixing structures for roof or soil plants, string boxes, parallel boxes, inverter and connection boxes to the grid.

SUN System is available in the basic version, only for electrical energy production, both in the hybrid version for the simultaneous production of thermal energy (hot water).

In this second case the system is completed with the capture systems, conveying and hot water storage, that can be used for heating of buildings, heating of water process or simply as DHC.

SUN System allow to:

  • energy production from renewable sources;
  • direct production of electricity;
  • direct production of heat, in the hybrid version.

SUN System includes:

  • the solar generator;
  • all the anchoring and fixing structures;
  • all the electrical boards for grid connection;
  • all the hydraulic components, for the hybrid version.

The hybrid version improve the efficiency in electricity production from the solar source, allowing the simultaneous production of hot water.

General functional diagram

SUN System

SUN System is based on consolidated technological solutions, fully integrated, thanks to the close partnership established with leading companies.

SUN System is available also in the plus version for small apartment buildings or independent houses. This solution completes the hybrid version with an electricity storage, a pump heat and optionally with a biomass boiler or compact geothermal probes.

There is not a standard plant, but each system must be designed, dimensioned and made based on existing electrical and thermal plants in the building, on the actually installable components and on the technical level desired by the customer.

This system, correctly dimensioned, can ensure the energy independence of the building, from the electrical point of view (although it is advisable to maintain a connection to the electrical distribution grid), both from the thermal point of view (always avoiding the connection to the natural gas distribution network).