VAP System


Cogeneration plant from WOODCHIPS

VAP System is a cogeneration plant (CHP) able to produce Electrical Energy and Thermal Energy from woodchips.

To feed the plant is not necessary to use high quality wood, it can be use processing waste wood, bark, branches or other waste products, supplied in sufficient quantity to ensure the necessary calories.

VAP System allow to:

  • energy production from renewable sources;
  • raw material use even with 40% moisture content or higher;
  • direct production of electricity;
  • direct production of heat.

VAP System includes:

  • high efficiency wood chip furnace;
  • combustion exhaust fumes chimney;
  • water-air heat exchanger for the fumes heat energy recover;
  • close circuit steam engine;
  • steam condensation system;
  • electrical alternator;
  • sensors and main control switchboard.

There is no need of steam accumulator tank, because it is utilized immediately and condensed in a close circuit.

General functional diagram


VAP System has insignificant air pollution, that comes from woodchips combustion in the furnace. The system is equipped also with a cyclone filter to complete emission abatement.

VAP System has reduced noisiness because there is not an internal combustion engine.

VAP System requires a small surface to be installed, equal to a 20” container which be added a woodchips storage tank.

VAP System doesn’t require frequent maintenance, but is available a 24 hour technical service, 7 days a week.


The furnace was been specifically designed to produce the steam required to run the CHP.

VAP 500 model VAP 1000 model
Max furnace power 555 1110 kW
Max steam production 700 1400 kg/h
Max steam pressure 50 50 bar
Max steam temperature 500 500 °C
Combustion chamber temperature 1200 1200 °C
Heat exchanger power 700 1400 kW
Weight 3520 3520 kg


VAP System

Steam engine

The heart of the system is the steam engine, specifically develop with high tech components to resist at high temperature/high pressure work conditions.

Engine 30 rpm
Cylinders 2
Displacement 16 l
Cooling oil quantity 60 l
Weight 3000 kg


The system guarantees an electrical efficiency higher than 20%.
For 100 kWe there are 300 kWt available.